2018 Wooden Boat Festival has ended

Mimi George

Marianne “Mimi” George, Ph.D, is a remote-ocean sailor and cultural anthropologist, who supports revival of ancient voyaging practices. Since 1979 George has documented the articulation of spiritual power by ancient voyagers of Papua New Guinea: the experience of a small, mixed gender group in prolonged isolation while wintering over a sailboat in Antarctic sea-ice to do scientific projects, the voyaging connections of sea-hunters and herders on both sides of Bering Straits, and the training of Polynesian youth in building voyaging canoes and navigating using only ancient materials, designs, and methods. Among the arts that have been forgotten by others are weather modification, and use of ancestral lights that show the way to land. Mimi describes how practice of ancient voyaging arts bring sustainability, resiliency, and happiness to practitioners, and how women and children are key practitioners in the voyaging life.