2018 Wooden Boat Festival has ended

Emiliano Marino & Salty Sue

Salty Sue and Emiliano Marino, of Sailmaker's Apprentice fame, founded The Artful Sailor Whole Earth Nautical Supply at Point Hudson in Port Townsend. They return to the Wooden Boat Festival bringing their unique and entertaining blend of salty songs, hands on marlinespike demos and all 'round chicanery. Specializing in the rigging, working and maintenance of traditional sailing craft, Salty Sue and Marino will display and demonstrate their wares: guidance, goods, tools and kits for the self-reliant sailor. Sharing and passing on traditional handsewing skills using natural and recycled materials is The Artful Sailor's mission. Harken to the bosun's whistle and the smell of pine tar and you will find a living museum of Port Townsend maritime trade history. They will have TASWENS on display, the traditionally rigged dory that Marino rowed down to Tacoma and back in the recent 70/48.
The Artful Sailor will be in the Boat Shop at the NWMC.
Ditty Bag Demo times are 9:00 am, 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm every day.